Automatic two colors screen printing machine for cylinder products
  • Model: HA-230
  • Max. printing speed: 4200 pcs/hour
  • Printing product: Centrifuge tubes, cryogenic vials, shake tubes, syringes, and soft bottles, bottle caps, cosmetic jars
  • Description


1. Specially designed for two-color screen printing on circular objects, such as centrifuge tubes, cryogenic vials, shake tubes, syringes, and soft bottles, bottle caps, cosmetic jars, etc. And also can achieve multi-color printing and precise overprinting.

2. Main drive system uses transmission equipment of famous brand from Europe with precise high-speed indexer, so that is can make operations more stable and reliable. The maximum printing speed can reach up to 4200pcs/hr.

3. Equipped with world famous PLC controller and convenient touch screen, therefore the whole operation becomes easy and simple.

4. Printing ink can be solidified by UV curing or infrared drying, and gain more ideal solidification effect on the base of ensuring stable performance and power saving.

5. Be provided with automatic monitoring function such as ionic wind dedusting, "no object, no printing" , automatic alarm due to low air pressure and waste or wrong material, etc.

6. With automatic feeding system and discharge manipulator, not only ensure continuous and stable printing operation, but also avoid scratching surface of printed object during printing process and guarantee operator's safe operation.

7. Automatic feeder and capping system are optional.



Printed object dimension

Diameter:ø5-ø35mm, L:20-140mm

Max. Printing speed

4200 pcs/hour


Mechanical driven

Control system

PLC & Touch screen

UV lamp power


Electrical supply

380V/480V  3 phase  50/60 Hz

Air requirement

6-8 bar

Machine dimension


Machine weight


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